#Eatcheapgood: a guide to survive if you are @erasmus

In this section I would like to share detailed guidelines about how to eat cheap but still kind of nutrient. I use ingredient fairly cheap and the dishes I make are easy to make and with a little creativity i make it tasty as well.


As I hated spinach as a child, as i grow older, i realized how good ingredient it is. It is full of  Vitamin A and C, and contains a lot of fiber with some protein as well. So yeah, Popeye had a point…


So what should we do with it to make it edible?

First, you can by spinach in 3 different type (mostly)

  • raw
  • presteamed/roasted/with or without cream(freezed mostly)
  • raw Baby edition

I am a big fan of the latest, i really like how it tastes, even raw. If you have a choice of type, you have to choose some kind of carbohydrate to make a full meal with it. I mostly eat it with pasta, because it is easy to make and fairly cheap as well. If you don’t want to choke on the pasta and spinach mix, you might need some kind of sauce to make it more consumable… I prefer cream or tomato sauce , but some good quality olive oil could do the trick( and than you get some extra unsaturated fats as well). And the most important accessory of spinach all time, the GARLIC. without garlic, don’t even start to cook it!!!

But enough talking about my lovely spinach and her besties, let’s see an example of a recipe.

Fusilli with spinach and Cream (and garlic ofc, but it is like general)


  • 1 pack (500g) of pasta (fusilli/penne/farfalle etc.)
  • one garlic
  • one pack of baby spinach (cc.200g)
  • 200ml cream
  • salt pepper oil as needed

First I steam the spinach on some oil with the garlic (note: the Spinach has a lot of water in it, so it will shrink as fuck…). When it is shrinked enough, but not totally wasted, I add the cream, than boil it for 5mins. during the process I cook the pasta ( al dente ofc… :D), than i mix the two together in a bowl and serve it hot.Use Salt and pepper as necessary. If you wish you could add some grated  cheese to top it. From this amount of ingredients I can cook for 3-4 dishes, depending on how hungry I am ( Mostly very.).

So yeah it is kind of it. It is delicious and easy to make, and nonetheless it is kind of a full value meal ( my vegan friends would totally agree… )


Ps.: The photo just an illustration…




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