#Foodblog1: Ascona

In this section of the blog I will try to cover each and every piece of food I tried During my staying. First up, a classic sandwich at a nice place near the University called Ascona. #notyelpreviews


Here in Belgium, there is a quite broad culture of eating sandwiches for any kind of course, wether its a lunch or a breakfast or a second breakfast (yeah, cuz’ Hobbits know whats’ up?! )

When we first got here, our buddy took us to a nice place, the Ascona. Minimalistic, modern interior with a lot of raw wood material, as i like it (shout out to O.D.B.)…

So yeah it was pretty awesome. Then I immediately faced one of the biggest challenges of the whole Belgian Stay: The fukcin’ labels/signs/menus are all written in dutch and as I can’t read/speak/or at least imitate dutch, i was fucked. Luckily, our buddy could understand the menu and the waiter guy could speak English, we made a decision about what to eat.

I decided to eat a classic Chorizo sandwich. Alexandra choose a sandwich with goat-cheese and honey plus walnut.(OMFG how good it was… But later.) In maybe 10 minutes our order was ready and the guy brought it to our table ( it is quite ordinary at high-end sandwich places).

Here is a picture of mine:

chorizo W/ boiled egg, mayo, and some salad with wheat sprouts(?)

Tha baguette was quite big, and it was handcrafted at a small bakery as the waiter told us later.

The chorizo( more about this awesome piece of sausage) was sliced up nice and thin, so the saucy flavor of it didn’t kill the mayo and the egg, they rather harmonized. The veggie mix and the wheat sprout added the fiber necessary for a good sandwich to be filling (and healthy as fuck, i guess… ).

I drank one Sprite with it just to make the whole experience more fulfilling.

I had a chance to taste Szandi’s sandwich as well, and Oh My Fuckin’ God. It was the BEST flavor combination I have ever had in a sandwich. The goatcheese with it’s salty, distinctive flavor and the honey together, topped with some walnut for the extra crispy texture really made a difference.

So yeah , nice one Ascona, Im deffo a fan.


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  1. Donna Chlimon says:

    This looks really good 😋


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